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Ashley Ward

A smorgasbord of the senses from a professor of animal behaviour: how they work, why they're there, and what they mean for both human and animal…


Joshua Paul Dale

The psychology and biology behind what we find cute, and how cuteness has shaped cultures around the world.

The Book of Phobias and Manias

Kate Summerscale

A captivating A-Z compendium of our fears and obsessions by the bestselling author of The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher

The Genetic Age

Matthew Cobb

How fifty years of genetic engineering have brought us to the brink of a profound and disturbing future, from Baillie Gifford-shortlisted scientist Ma…

Am I Normal?

Sarah Chaney

The riveting history of the strange science of the 'Normal', and the origins of an anxiety-ridden modern obsession

The Magick of Matter

Felix Flicker

A theoretical physics manual for modern wizards – an irreverent take on serious physics for popular science fans and sci-fi enthusiasts alike.

Is Maths Real?

Eugenia Cheng

One of the world's most creative mathematicians offers new ways to look at maths – focusing on questions, not answers

The Story of the Brain in 10½ Cells

Richard Wingate

Peer into a microscopic world – and fall in love with the beauty of the brain


Nick Lane

What brings the Earth to life, and our own lives to an end?


Claire Horn

The radical future of birth is here – but are we ready for it?


Daniel Pick

A brilliant and mind-bending exploration of brainwashing and thought control

Hybrid Humans

Harry Parker

A gripping, eye-opening account of how robotics, computing and AI might be about to alter our understanding of what it means to be human – from the be…

The Social Lives of Animals

Ashley Ward

Everything you ever wanted to know about how animals live together, and what that means for us

Something Out of Place

Eimear McBride

A blistering, galvanising essay from Eimear McBride, award-winning author of A Girl is a Half-formed Thing

The Family Firm

Emily Oster

Navigate the primary school years with best-selling author and one of the TIME's most influential people of 2022, Emily Oster

What's the Use?

Ian Stewart

A bestselling author tries to rehabillitate a much-maligned field

The Nation of Plants

Stefano Mancuso

This playful manifesto – presented for the plant nation by a leading neurobiologist – is an international bestseller


Rebecca Schwarzlose

A trailblazing journey into the brain, showing how perception, thought, and action all depend on 'maps' etched into your gray matter – and h…


Dimitris Xygalatas

A radical anthropologist takes readers on a journey through the shadow-side of human civilisation

Mathematical Intelligence

Junaid Mubeen

A fascinating exploration of a surprising advantage that humans have over our incoming robot masters: we're actually good at maths

Showing 133 results