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The Brompton

Will Butler-Adams

The story of the iconic Brompton bicycle and the company that built it

Warriors, Rebels and Saints

Moshik Temkin

A deep dive into how we define, seek and become leaders.

Giving Good Feedback

Margaret Cheng

An essential new guide to giving, soliciting and receiving feedback

Team Habits

Charlie Gilkey

Transform your team, results and success: one small step at a time

The PARA Method

Tiago Forte

All you need to simplify, organise and revolutionise your digital life

Building a Second Brain

Tiago Forte

Find order, creativity and productivity with this revolutionary system

No Bullsh*t Change

Chris Hirst

The no-nonsense guide to change: how to lead it and how to lead through it when the world is still spinning. By the award-winning author of No Bullsh*…

Innovating with Impact

Ted Ladd

We're all innovators now. Thinkers and entrepreneurs Ted Ladd and Alessandro Lanteri show us how

How to Invest

Peter Stanyer

A new guide to personal investment for the era of cryptocurrencies and personal trading platforms

The Change Book

Mikael Krogerus

From the creators of the bestselling The Decision Book come fifty surprisingly simple explanations of our seemingly inexplicable world

The Crux

Richard Rumelt

A genre-defining book for all leaders by the bestselling author of Good Strategy/Bad Strategy

The Decision Book

Mikael Krogerus

The comprehensively revised edition of the international bestseller, with new material.

The Get Things Done Book

Mikael Krogerus

Less talk, more action: how to get things done by the worldwide bestselling authors of The Decision Book

Branding that Means Business

Matt Johnson

New in the Economist Edge series: how brands can create enduring bonds with customers and markets in the post-digital age of social influence.

Courage Is Calling

Ryan Holiday

The first book in Stoicism guru Ryan Holiday's new series looking at the four key virtues of Stoicism

Surviving the Daily Grind

Philip Coggan

The esteemed Bartleby's one-stop guide to surviving the daily grind

What They Still Don’t Teach You At Harvard Business School

Mark H. McCormack

More timeless wisdom from the million-copy bestselling author

Only the Paranoid Survive

Andrew Grove

The classic guide for leaders on turning difficulty into advantage

Richer, Wiser, Happier

William Green

In-depth interviews with more than forty of the world's super-investors reveal that the keys to wealth and business success hold other life lesso…

Designing Organisations

Naomi Stanford

A new approach to structuring a business to support strategy and maximise efficiency

Showing 193 results