At Profile Books our mission is to publish a diverse range of stimulating books, of the highest quality, written by the best authors in their fields. We understand that to do this we must aim to be free of bias in all areas of our work. We are actively anti-racist and strongly oppose all discriminations.  We are taking the following steps to further diversity and inclusion at Profile:

  • Education: As a company we commit to continuing to educate and challenge ourselves. We have undertaken diversity training through Creative Access, which will be offered to all new members of staff.
  • Publishing: We want to challenge assumptions about who are our books are by and who they might be for. We are conducting annual internal diversity and inclusion reviews to measure ethnicity, gender and social background across of all of our trade lists, from the books we are acquiring, the advances we are paying, and the marketing and publicity activity we conduct for each of them.
  • Campaigns: We commit to making campaigns inclusive and making the effort to reach audiences we may not have spoken to in the past. We will reflect on campaigns regularly in order to continually improve them.
  • Recruitment: We were the first trade publisher in London to pay all employees at least the London Living Wage, including interns. We will continue to improve diversity, equity and inclusion within our company, especially in our recruitment and hiring practices, by annual auditing of our staff for disability, ethnicity, gender and social background and using this information to inform our hiring practices. We are working towards making our senior leadership teams more diverse and representative.
  • Accountability: We are signatories of both the Publishers’ Association Charter on Diversity and the Independent Alliance’s D&I Statement and commit to uphold the values therein. We will assess and re-evaluate the ways in which we can recruit, hire, commission and publish. Our Diversity and Inclusion Committee, set up in August 2020 includes representatives from across the company and liaises with the Board and the Executive to achieve this goal.

Books are for opening eyes, expanding minds and exploring perspectives, and we aim to publish great books — by and for everyone.