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Living the Artist's Way

Julia Cameron

The essential Artist's Way programme on guiding ourselves back to creativity

The Deorhord: An Old English Bestiary

Hana Videen

Welcome to the strange and delightful world of Old English reference books of animals – the ordinary and the extraordinary, the good, the bad and the…

The Secret Life of John le Carré

Adam Sisman

The extraordinary secret life of a great novelist, which his biographer could not publish while le Carré was alive

The Book at War

Andrew Pettegree

Propaganda, pulp fiction, spies and censorship: the fascinating and action-packed story of books in wartime

Writing with Style

Lane Greene

A brand new take on how to write with style – from The Economist's language columnist, Lane Greene

How Words Get Good

Rebecca Lee

A behind-the-scenes tour for booklovers everywhere

Art & Fear

David Bayles

The bestselling cult classic that offers a roadmap to overcoming the daily obstacles of a creative life


Alex Danchev

The first major biography for our time, from the celebrated biographer of Cézanne

Write for Life

Julia Cameron

The essential guide to writing by the Queen of Creativity, Julia Cameron

An Admirable Point

Florence Hazrat

Love it or hate it, the exclamation mark has been with us from Beowulf to the spam email – an enthusiastic history for language lovers!


Victoria Finlay

A magnificent work of original research, unwinding history through cloth – how we make it, use it and what it means to us

The Library

Arthur der Weduwen

Princes, collectors, bookworms and thieves: the extraordinary story of the library, from Alexandria to the age of Google


Caroline Vout

The Greek and Roman body in all its (surprisingly human) glory

LRB Diary for 2023

Alan Bennett

Celebrating 40 years of Alan Bennett's diary in the London Review of Books

All of the Marvels

Douglas Wolk

A revelatory guide to the 'epic of epics' from a beloved authority

Love and the Novel

Christina Lupton

A genre-defying love story that illuminates all love stories

House Arrest

Alan Bennett

Reflections on Covid and confinement from the unparalleled pen of Alan Bennett

Speaking and Being

Kübra Gümüsay

What happens when our language is no longer fit for purpose, and how we can change the discourse


Jacqueline Riding

A major new biography of one of Britain's best-loved artists

Two-Way Mirror

Fiona Sampson

How Britain's most famous female poet invented herself and defied her times

Showing 89 results