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The House Divided

Barnaby Rogerson

A fresh look at the past, present and future of a conflict that lies at the heart of the Middle East

The Notebook

Roland Allen

Diaries, sketchbooks, common-places, notebooks, ledgers and ships' logs: how the blank book changed the way we think, and helped us change the wo…

The Book of Phobias and Manias

Kate Summerscale

A captivating A-Z compendium of our fears and obsessions by the bestselling author of The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher

Astonish Me!

Dominic Dromgoole

A book about sensation in the arts by the long-term Globe Theatre artistic director


Annabel Sowemimo

A vital, eye-opening exploration of race and health

Emperor of Rome

Mary Beard

A sweeping account of the social and political world of the Roman emperors by 'the world's most famous classicist' (Guardian)


Robert Peckham

A ground-breaking examination of the societal impact of fear that gives us a thrilling insight on world history

How to be a Renaissance Woman

Jill Burke

Beauty, make up, power: plunge into the intimate history of cosmetics

Love in a Time of Hate

Florian Illies

The love lives of famous Europeans, as war approaches – from the bestselling author of 1913

The Invention of Essex

Tim Burrows

The secret history of England's most notorious county

Burning Steel

Peter Hart

A close-up at the sharp end of armoured warfare

All That She Carried

Tiya Miles

A renowned historian traces the life of a single object handed down through three generations of Black women to craft a deeply layered and insightful…

The Celts

Simon Jenkins

A short history of one of Ancient Britain's most enigmatic civilisations

A Terribly Serious Adventure

Nikhil Krishnan

An absorbing group biography of the Oxford thinkers who transformed philosophical thought in twentieth-century Britain

A People's Church

Jeremy Morris

A richly detailed history of the Church of England from a top historian who is also an Anglican priest


Daniel Pick

A brilliant and mind-bending exploration of brainwashing and thought control

Geography Is Destiny

Ian Morris

The story of Britain, from its first moments as an island to its possible future


Rodric Braithwaite

A short and pithy introduction to the history of Russia as we know it today

The Museum of Other People

Adam Kuper

A contemplation of the hotly-debated significance – and future – of anthropology museums, from a global expert

Nine Quarters of Jerusalem

Matthew Teller

Highly original exploration of Jerusalem exploring its history and contemporary voices

Showing 261 results