A Spotter’s Guide to Countryside Mysteries (Hardback)

From Piddocks and Lynchets to Witch’s Broom

John Wright

A grown-up I-spy for the great outdoors that illuminates the details we might otherwise miss


'Highly readable ... Apart from his ready knowledge of nature, [John Wright] has a sharp eye, a ready wit and a keen nose for a good story. Superb.' Countryfile Magazine

From the bestselling author of THE FORAGER'S CALENDAR - a beautifully illustrated, practical and entertaining guide that illuminates and explains those mysterious details of the countryside you've always wondered about.

Discover the mysteries of the countryside in all their pleasure, intrigue and beauty...

Ever wondered about the masses of twigs in bare-branched trees that look like abandoned nests?
Seen fuzzy red balls on roses? A stranded pond on a hilltop? Or even considered the shaded ways we walk along?

One of Britain's best-known naturalists, John Wright here introduces us to the natural (and unnatural) mysteries of the countryside, giving us the tools to identify Witch's Broom, Robin's Pincushion, Dew ponds and Hollow Ways, and also their histories, how they come to be, and where to find them. From the enormous to the truly tiny he illuminates the oddities that pepper our countryside and the pleasure of spotting and understanding them.

Beautifully illustrated, practical and entertaining, this is for anyone who has wondered what is that? or simply longs to get outside.

Publication date: 14/10/2021


ISBN: 9781788168267

Imprint: Profile Books

Subject: Travel & Nature

Reviews for A Spotter’s Guide to Countryside Mysteries

'Dorset naturalist and seasoned forager John Wright is good company. In this highly readable book he leads us through field, forest and hedgerow, revealing any number of strange and fascinating natural phenomena. Apart from his ready knowledge of nature, he has a sharp eye, a ready wit and a keen nose for a good story. Superb.'

 Countryfile Magazine


Praise for The Forager's Calendar:
'He writes so engagingly ... [This book] is a treasure. It is beautifully produced, designed and illustrated.


John Carey The Sunday Times

'John Wright writes as though he's talking directly to you, a good friend in the same room. His harvest of fascinating information is worn lightly, with funny, whimsical observations... this wonderful book should be well-thumbed by anyone who is interested in the natural world.'

 BBC Countryfile

'A hugely useful, well-illustrated and often funny book'

 The Times

John Wright

John Wright

John Wright is a naturalist and one of Great Britain's leading experts on fungi. His most recent books include A Spotter's Guide to the Countryside and The Forager's Calendar. He lives in Dorset, where he regularly leads forays into nature and goes on long walks across all terrains.

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