Autumn Reads

16 September 2022

As the longer nights draw in, we can’t wait for those cosy evenings at home with a big cup of tea and a good book. Luckily for you, we’ve got some fantastic autumn reads to inspire, entertain and enlighten this season. From Adrian Chiles’ witty guide to drinking in moderation to the perfect Halloween read from Kate Summerscale, take a look at our wealth of wonderful non-fiction publishing in the next few months.

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A Home of One’s Own by Hashi Mohamed (OUT NOW)

Drawing on his own history of housing insecurity and his professional career as a planning barrister, Hashi Mohamed examines the myriad aspects of the housing crisis – from Right-to-Buy to Grenfell, slums and evictions to the Bank of Mum and Dad – and explores what needs to change.

The Intersectional Environmentalist by Leah Thomas (OUT NOW)

Perfect for admirers of Greta Thunberg and Vanessa Nakate, climate activist Leah Thomas brings us a guide to instigating change for everyone and a pledge to work towards the empowerment of all people and the betterment of the planet. This is an indispensable primer for activists looking to create meaningful, inclusive and sustainable change.

Discipline is Destiny by Ryan Holiday (Publishing September)

Following the bestselling Courage is Calling, Discipline is Destiny is the next inspiring book in Ryan Holiday’s new series, this time exploring how to cultivate willpower, moderation and self-control in our lives.

The Good Drinker by Adrian Chiles (Publishing October)

Join the inimitable Chiles as he sets out around Britain and plumbs his only slightly fuzzy memories of a lifetime in pubs in a quest to uncover the unsung pleasures of drinking in moderation.


Remainders of the Day by Shaun Bythell (OUT NOW)

Wigtown bookshop owner Shaun Bythell returns with the latest entry in his bestselling diary series. Featuring Shaun’s signature dry wit, Remainders of the Day provides a behind-the-scenes look at running the largest second-hand bookshop in Scotland, complete with eccentric customers, interesting booksellers and beautiful books galore.

Conversations from a Long Marriage by Jan Etherington (Publishing November)

Read the scripts from the witty and heart-warming BBC Radio 4 sitcom Conversations from a Long Marriage, starring Joanna Lumley and Roger Allam. These conversations will resonate with couples of any age – but especially those who are still dancing in their kitchen, singing in the car and trying to keep the passion alive.

Astonish Me! by Dominic Dromgoole (Publishing October)

From the long-time artistic director of of the Globe Theatre comes an adrenaline-charged rollercoaster through history’s seismic first nights, exploring how individual artists can change and shape the story of culture – and allow us to see ourselves in new ways.

A Brief History of Pasta by Luca Cesari (Publishing October)

In A Brief History of Pasta, discover the humble origins of fettuccine Alfredo that lie in a back-street trattoria in Rome, how Genovese sauce became a Neapolitan staple and what conveyor belts have to do with serving spaghetti. Filled with mouth-watering recipes and engrossing tales, this is the story of Italy in ten dishes.


The Magick of Matter by Felix Flicker (Publishing November)

Essential reading for science buffs and magic lovers alike, The Magick of Matter is a journey of discovery which will upend everything you think you know about witchcraft, wizardry, and condensed matter physics, from the laws of thermodynamics to the seven bridges of Konigsberg.

Exposed by Caroline Vout (OUT NOW) 

In this beautifully illustrated book, Professor of Classics at Cambridge Caroline Vout removes the Greek and Roman body from its pedestal and explores it in all its surprisingly human glory, from ancient cosmetics and contraception to early gym memberships.

The Book of Phobias and Manias by Kate Summerscale (Publishing October)

From the bestselling author of The Suspicions of Mr Whicher comes a captivating A-Z compendium of our deepest fears and innermost obsessions. Kate Summerscale explores the historical and cultural contexts of our obsessive anxieties by way of arachnophobia, bibliomania and more.

Five Arguments All Couples (Need to) Have by Joanna Harrison (OUT NOW)

Grounded in her experience as a couples therapist, Joanna Harrison explores the the five distinct issues couples need to work through to have a healthy and functioning relationship. Using sound advice and relatable case studies, she offers practical ideas and imaginative ways to think about ourselves and our partners.